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Membership of ADMA is voluntary, but your membership and participation will demonstrate your support for the industry, your willingness to maintain industry standards and an opportunity to participate in the development of compliance processes.

The success of ADMA will depend on harnessing the power of the entire industry. The AGO has indicated it will provide funding for regular testing of non-ADMA members' products, and pass on any failed test results to the ACCC. 

The original impetus for the alliance has emerged from Melbourne, but the objective will be to hold meetings around the country as ADMA develops.

As a stakeholder in the industry you are invited to participate by joining the ADMA and expressing your views, networking and receiving up to date information on industry issues.

The ADMA has been formed to address:

  1. Self Regulation of the Industry
  2. Raising Standards
  3. Achieving an Energy efficient product

Enclosed is a registration form and for your information as well, a letter that has been distributed to duct manufacturers throughout Australia.

We look forward to your participation in this initiative and would appreciate it if you could please pass on to colleagues that may be interested in joining this alliance.

Click here to download Application Form